Here Are Some Questions We're Asked the Most

Q. Do you make custom cabinets?

A. Yes! We have a whole division of the company dedicated to custom cabinetry and millwork to create anything you would like to make your remodel look exactly the way you want. This ranges from cabinets and vanity’s all the way to tables and wainscoting. If it’s made of wood, we can mill it!

Q. What’s the best way to pick out tile for my shower?

A. With tile there are so many choices, we typically go through Madison Tile Carpet One, located on Sheridan in Tonawanda. They have a plethora of mixes and matches of colors and sizes and will help you in picking out the right tile for your bathroom in no time.

Q. Can my plumbing and electric be moved to a new location?

A. Absolutely! We have the skills and expertise to relocate and/or add any new plumbing or electrical you desire in your new bathroom. During our free estimate we will go over with you anything that you would like to be moved or updated and make it a reality.

Q. Who do you recommend for countertops?

A. For the best quality quartz or granite vanity top for your new bathroom we always recommend International Stone on Transit rd in Lockport. They will come out and measure, while you pick out your exact slab of stone you want, then in 5-7 days typically they come in and install it! If you’re looking for other options, home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes have plenty of less expensive countertop options.

Q. How long does a typical bathroom remodel take?

A. A typical bathroom remodel, which is a full bathroom gutting, some electrical and plumbing changes, takes around 7-10 business days. From day one demolition, to finishing touches on the final day.

Q. Can I buy my own supplies, or do you provide them for me?

A. The customer can absolutely buy their own tile, vanity, toilet, whatever they want if they desire too. We only ask that when they are buying these items they discuss it with us when they will be on hand for us to use, so we make sure we have them when we need them to stay on schedule. If you would rather place that responsibility be on us, we will absolutely provide everything for them.

Q. Do I have to be home for you to do your work?

A. No you do not, we only ask that if you plan to be away, there are no questions we have from you about moving forward with the project, and that you leave us a key or give us some method of getting inside.