Pole Barns & Pole Buildings in Clarence, NY

Whether it be a workshop or horse stables, when you’re building a new addition to your home, you’ll run into a lot of red tape. Pole barns, however, allow you to construct your desired building in an easier and more affordable fashion.

What are pole barns?

Pole barns or pole buildings are essentially like any other building, with one big exception: they do not have a foundation. Instead, posts that sit on concrete tubes transfer all the load bearing members to the ground (hence the name “pole barn”).

Pole barn applications

What could you possibly use a pole barn construction for? Well, a variety of things, including:

• Garages
• Workshops
• Horse stables
• Man caves
• Homes

Advantages of pole barns

While some companies place wood poles into the ground, we at Stately Builders use the Perma Column system where the posts are connected to brackets that are cast into concrete piers. This method provides a variety of advantages to homeowners and businesses, such as:
• Fast, safe, and simple construction
• Strength and durability
• No chance of wood rot
• No load-bearing interior walls

What makes us different

When you have your pole barn done by Stately Builders, you know you’ll be getting the quality, professionalism, and the craftsmanship that you deserve in your new post-frame construction building. We use the Perma Column brackets on every build, ensuring there is no wood below grade. We don’t cut corners, and our attention to detail, along with our up-to-date systems, ensure that you have a highly respected company working on your next project.

To get started on your next project, contact us today online or by phone at 716-725-2641.