Custom Woodwork

Have you been looking for that bathroom vanity or dining room table but just couldn’t find one that fits your house perfectly? We will give you that perfect piece of furniture you’ve been looking for, done professionally, and with the quality you desire. From custom walnut tables, to kitchen cabinets, we have the knowledge and tools to make any dream piece a reality; if it’s made of wood, we can build it!

Not only do we make custom furniture, we also can build you your own custom bar! With the same quality and professionalism you’ve seen from the company who’s built some of the most popular bars in Buffalo, including but not limited, to Colter Bay, Moor Pat, and The Terrace at Delaware Park. We will walk you through your ideas, helping design your custom bar from the ground up, giving you the exact look and feel you want your bar to have.

Contact us today to schedule a free meeting to discuss making your dream piece a reality!